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“Business Architecture Associates has the experience and know-how to deliver training that works."


TO IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS by providing effective, business-focused training in all aspects of business architecture. We offer a complete set of courses to establish a strong foundation for Business architecture that works.

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About Us

wHynde kuehn  

Years of experience: 20+  
Position: Partner   

Whynde is Principal at S2E Consulting Inc, a consulting firm accelerating successful business transformations. She is a long-time business architecture practitioner, Business Architecture Practice leader. She has also developed and taught comprehensive, large-scale business architecture training programs for clients and the public. Please visit S2E Consulting Inc for all of Whynde's service offerings.

What People are saying

william Ulrich

Years of experience: 30+
Position: Partner

William is President of TSG, INC, is a strategic planning consultant, author and mentor. He has written several books, published hundreds of articles and papers, and has worked with numerous large corporations and government agencies. William participates in various industry events and is a featured speaker at many of these events. Please visit TSG, INC. for all of William's service offerings.

We strive to help businesses and organizations build an advantage with business architecture. We train your staff to improve sales, productivity, organization, company culture, and employee relations.