​​Business Architecture Training

training — a la carte course schedule
Day 1 — 22 October

Course I — Business Architecture Immersion Workshop  $400 USD*

Day 2 — 23 October

Course II — Building the Foundational Business Architecture $400 USD*

Day 3—24 October

Course III — Extending Business Architecture  $400 USD*

Day 4—25 October

Course V — Establishing and Maturing a Business Architecture Practice  $400 USD*


Practicing Business Architecture Open Workshop  $200 USD*

Complete package (Day 1-4) is $1,600 USD. Day 5 (1/2-day workshop) is free.

*Cost of courses reflects special regional pricing. 

Business Architecture Associates is pleased to offer 5 days of training courses, available to the public as an à la carte offering. Individuals who register for courses on Days 1, 2, 3 and 4, will receive the Day 5 course at no cost. 

A half-day Practicing Business Architecture session on Day 5 will offer attendees a unique opportunity to exercise what they learned in a live setting. Attendees will bring in business architecture scenarios, mapping requests and solution-oriented challenges, and the instructor will work through the topics, creating a real-time learning experience.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn alongside an expert in the field.

For course descriptions and outlines, please view our curriculum page. All of our courseware is founded on best practices and punctuated with real experience. They are based on the formal framework and best practices outlined in “A Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge®” (BIZBOK® Guide). BAA is a Guild Accredited Training Partner™ (GATP®) and together these courses provide a strong foundation for preparing business architects to sit for the Certified Business Architect (CBA)® exam. BAA Partner Whynde Kuehn will be instructing the course series, with a special presentation from BAA Partner William Ulrich to discuss business and IT architecture alignment.

22–26 October 2018
Business Architecture Training  |  JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA

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Oxford Terrace, 3 Ninth Street, Houghton, Johannesburg, 2198, South Africa