Business Architecture Training

BUsiness Architecture Training 

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specialty business architecture course offerings

Business Architecture: An Executive Perspective

The abbreviated executive training course provides a series of usage scenarios and vignettes for executives. The course focuses on value proposition and includes a discussion on strategic value and governance.

       I.  Business Architecture Demystified
      II.  Business Architecture: The Missing Link in Delivering Actionable Strategy
     III.  Business Architecture In Action: Practical Guidance for Executives
     IV.  The Future of Business Architecture: Where Leading Businesses are Going
      V.  Taking Action: Key Next Steps for Your Business

Business Architecture Primer

This 3.5-hour session provides an end-to-end snapshot of business architecture for those seeking to learn the discipline or associated parties interested in just understanding the basics, but not in practicing the discipline.

Business Architecture Demystified

This abbreviated overview of business architecture is suitable for any audience. This 1-hour session discusses why business architecture is the missing link in delivering actionable strategy, practical guidance for applying the discipline, the future of business architecture and logical next steps for businesses and individuals pursuing entry into the discipline.