announcing 2019 Training

Toronto, ON Canada  | February 25 – March 1 

 San Francisco, CA  | April 29 – May 3

Dallas, TX  |  September 30 – October 4

course Xiv

Digital Transformation Foundations and Architecture 



course i

Business Architecture Immersion: Building Your Skills, Building Your Practice

Course xii

Facilitating Purposeful Collaboration

Our courses are taught by business architecture industry experts, William Ulrich and Whynde Kuehn, and joined by leading industry experts from business architecture and related fields.

premier training

Build an advantage using business architecture taught by the leaders who founded the profession.

Pubic training

We offer geographically diverse venues for live on-site training.

course Xiii

Business and Enterprise Architecture: Best Friends

course ii

Building the Foundational Business Architecture  


course iii

Extending the Business Architecture: From Strategy to Execution



course vi

Putting It All Together: Applying Business Architecture

course xi

Custom In-House Business Architecture Workshop

Attain serious competitive advantage with business architecture…taught by the leading professionals

course IX

Capability Health Check Workshop


course xv

How to be a Great Architect

Business Architecture Associates we TEACH YOU HOW TO

Build an advantage with business Architecture.

cba® preparation

We provide the perfect foundation to sit for the Certified Business Architect (CBA)® exam.

Course iv

Business Architecture / IT Architecture Alignment 

Course viii

Value Mapping Workshop

course v

Establishing & Maturing a Business Architecture Practice


course vii

​Capability Mapping Workshop

Business Architecture Training

online Training

We feature both on-demand, pre-recorded courses as well as live, interactive training.

course X

Value Stream Heath Check Workshop

live online training

Americas  | January 28, 2019

 Europe/Africa | February 11, 2019

Australia/New Zealand | March 4 & 6, 2019